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Product description

Gardening gloves with plastic tips

Price : 6.79 .د.ك



Claw gloves are a wonderful gift for gardening enthusiasts and for those who work a lot outdoors. Gloves with claws will be a real find for you!


  • Four sturdy plastic claws make your daily gardening work quick and easy;
  • Waterproof material;
  • Universal size;
  • The gloves contain latex;
  • Made of durable material that protects hands from damage during operation.


  • Type - Gardening gloves
  • Dimensions - Universal
  • Material - Elastin (rubber)
  • Tip material - Plastic
  • Outer material - Polyester

Rake lightweight

Price : 9.79 .د.ك



The Fiskars family of lightweight gardening tools is made of lightweight and durable aluminum with rubber anti-slip attachments. The entire tool in this series has an ergonomic handle with a plastic coating.

Lightweight aluminum handle, stainless steel teeth 14 teeth

For loosening, leveling the soil before planting and other tasks in the garden



  • Material - Steel
  • Length - 154 cm
  • Weight - 660 g

Fruit collector

Price : 4.99 .د.ك



A fruit collector with which you can collect a large number of fruits without damaging them. An ideal tool for the garden. Using this device, you can significantly save harvest time. Easy to use, made of quality materials. The fruit collector is attached to the barbell. Diameter: 140 mm.


  • Type - Fruit pickers
  • Purpose - For fruit picking
  • Material - Steel + Plastic
  • Weight - 310 g

Lawn piercing tool

Price : 10.79 .د.ك



The lawn piercing tool is used to aerate small lawns with limited access, which allows nutrients to penetrate the soil and simplify planting, fertilizing, irrigation, and allowing light to penetrate to the grass roots.

Hardened boron steel blade
Can be used with all standard handles


  • Type - Soil rippers
  • Purpose - For aeration
  • Material - Steel
  • Working width, cm - 20.5
  • Length - 30.5 cm
  • Weight - 512 g

Garden cultivator

Price : 10.79 .د.ك



Metal garden cultivator for loosening and aeration of the soil without damaging the root system of plants. Two-piece ABS/TPR handle.


  • Type - Hand cultivators
  • Material - Steel
  • Length - 29 cm
  • Weight - 300 g
  • Handle - Two-piece ABS/TPR handle

Planter-hole-former for seedlings

Price : 3.89 .د.ك



The planter is an ideal tool for convenient sowing of seedlings. The sturdy galvanized tip with corrosion protection penetrates the soil to a depth of 19.5 cm and forms a hole for planting. The ergonomically shaped handle fits comfortably in the hand, making it easy to operate.


  • Type - Manual planters
  • Material - Steel + Plastic
  • Length - 19.5 cm


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